initiated a project involving a virtual character named MIRA, serving as the Mitsubishi Virtual Assistant. MIRA is tasked with assisting in the dissemination of information

World of Warships collaborated with Rentracks through Virtual YouTuber MAHA5 to jointly broadcast an exciting, challenging, and highly realistic video game.

The MAHA5 Talent Vtuber collaborated with Mihoyo through the video game Honkai Star Rail to play the game and promote and introduce the newly launched game

League of Legends (LOL) and MAHA5 collaborated to advertise and present a battle arena game, League of Legends, through a song. The song was covered by Alia Adelia.

Alia Adelia is playing Ragnarok Origin to introduce some interesting features and gameplay, along with various rewards such as points, skins, or weapons provided by the game developers in each event.

Alia played the Nikke Game to introduce how exciting and interesting the game is. This game falls under the action and shooter genres, even though it carries an adult rating.

Andi collaborates with Gojek on the Goplay platform. Andi engages in livestreaming with various types of content such as music, freetalk, and virtual meetings

Rentracks and ROG collaborated in an offline event to advertise and showcase ROG laptop products from both the old and new series.

Sega collaborated with MAHA5 and Andi Adinata to play Like a Dragon Ishin on a livestream on its YouTube channel